Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Night 'Easy' Ride

The past few Tuesdays have had quite a bit of riding and excuses not to ride. Chad wanted to bring back the ride that was so popular last year, and early on was somewhat successful. There has been struggles between faster riders and slower riders trying to ride together, but we've been averaging about 5 riders each week.
The past 2 weeks, Phil has joined us from MBC, and today in particular Phil lead much of the ride. Halfway through the ride, Zerbe commented that Phil should be named Dr Dolittle as he nearly hit a cat,2 deer, a rabbit and a ground hog by the time we made it to Pt Marion. Then another close call with a deer on Ft Martin hill. Oh, and the gaggle of Canadian geese in Granville.
Always excitement from somewhere. 42mi, 2:45

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