Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WVMBA #1 Big Bear Lake Classic

While the rest of the team was road racing down at Conference Champs, a solid group of WVU cycling members made the short jump up the road to Big Bear Lake for the first of the 2009 WVMBA series races.

A total of 209 racers were in attendance, and the WVU squad consisted of Steve, Robbie, Laura, Team Talbot, Larry, Bala, Chad, James, Andrew, Lemma, and myself! Of course there were tons of other well known locals there to dominate.

Liew, Andrew, and I made the jump to expert with Bala sandbagging for the day in Sport class. I guess he didn't really sand bag since he finished third, of course this was after having the change a flat tire.

A lot of podium finishes for the ladies, Laura, Seira, and Lemma, as well as from Bala.

Everyone had great rides, no series mechanicals, Bala and Robbie both suffered from flats, but both were able to recover quickly and have fine finishes.

Liew did his usual super fast hole-shot crazy start which offered up a lot of excitement.

The weather was really nice for the day, with some light misting raing coming towards the end of the race to offer a cool reprieve just before the finish.


Good job to all who raced! Anyone else interested, check out www.wvmba.com for more series races!

Here is some picture from Liew,

Ramp festival at Mt. Morris after skipping prize award at Big bear

Met alpacasss...


- Jake

Monday, April 20, 2009

Road Conference Championships

What a weekend!!! I was afraid when the trip began that we might have the same bad luck as last year but it turned out to be a great weekend for everyone.
Saturday was a sunny and warm day, Brock had Elliott and myself up at 5:30 in the morning, and we hit were ready to race. The road race was an extremely flat course with less then 500 feet vertical over 65 miles of racing. With a flat and narrow course this course definately favored the sprinters and put me at a disadvantage and gave Brock a great chance. The Men's A and Men's B fields finished as a group sprint, with both having 1-2 people off the front. Brock positioned himself well and took 3rd overall and won the field sprint for the Men's B. I was getting set-up but was uhnlucky and got boxed in, and finished 23rd in the field sprint. The Men's D field shattered and Elliott has his best ever finished and placed 7th, after getting pimped shortly before the sprint.

Since we did not have a TTT team, we headed back to the hotel for a shower and a great nap. We woke and then attended the conference Banquet, we ate a ton of food!! Then Ryan and I stayed for the conference meeting. We won the bid for the Conference Mountain Bike Race for Fall 2009, and our Race weekend for road 2010 is April 10-11, the weekend before Champs at Virginia Tech.

Sunday, elliott woke up early, walked out the hotel door and hoped on his bike for the crit. With me sitting on the course and Brock watching from the hotel room, Elliot started the Downtown crit, he complains of a car on course but was able to finish in 13th place.
Hours later Brock jumped on his bike and was ready to terrorize the Men's B field. He went early and attemped a break in lap one, after a few laps of all out effort he was a caught by a small group and sat in for the rest of the race. He made a great move for the "W" at the finish and took about half a bike length in the sprint. Giving Brock a great Championship weekend. Then it was Emily's turn with the Women's A. She's not a WVU member currently but she'll be here next year, in a stiff compitition for 1st place in D2, Emily was able to pull it off, and even though she did not win, she was able to take the overall conference point and earn herself a pretty pink jersey. Finally, it was my turn to push the pedals. After a rough day on Saturday and still being sore from the dog incident, my game plan was to sit in, and just enjoy the ride. Brock was very nervous watching me sit in the back of the peleton for the first 15-20 minutes of the race. I saw a small break start to happen on the backside of the course and I knew it would be able to stick, and my adrenaline picked up and I wanted in that group, the pelton came around corner 6 and no one was responding to the break, so in one move I jump from the back and came around the peleton, and was chasing solo to the break, I caught in b3 turn 3, and started in rotations, Wake Forest was trying to block to break and bring it back, but after a few others joined the break, it was home free. I was able to take a 4th and a 1st in primes (my first ever 1st place prime) and then with 4 laps to go, the break could see the peleton just ahead. About half of us wanted to stay out of the peleton and our pace slowed, until a WF rider jumped and forced all of us to chase, mixed into the group, it was an intense final lap, I missed the jump through the pack, and sprinted in the group, grabbing a 7th place finish overall.

While cooling down, about 90 seconds into it actually, I noticed my rear wheel felt weird and found a large splinter through my tire, luckily I was able to finish the race before the flat occured.

It was a great Weekend for all of us, and I am ready for a great summer season now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs are dangerous

After becoming a cyclist I gained a person issue with dogs. Not all dogs and hopefully not your dog.
LEASHES, CHAINS, INVISIBLE FENCES, properly taking care of dogs all good things, but the dog that runs into the road VERY BAD.
This is my second crash in 6 months on the road bike, and this is the second time in 6 months a dog has been the reason for the crash. The first time was in the fall, I was riding with Mon Bike club, a few dogs came into the road and one ran into my front wheel, knocking me down and causing me to break my saddle.
Today, While I was riding alone in Preston County, I took my usual ride out McKinney Cave Rd. This road in my eyes is known for it's dogs. When making the turn onto the road a dog came into the road and barked at me, I yelled "NO, STOP" and the pup went back into it's grass. I came across a few other dogs who have an invisible fence, who barked but had nothing on me. I was about 3/4 of the way complete with the road and out came a German Sheperd, I yelled "NO, STOP, NO," this did not phase the dog. I was trying to go fast to get away, but I grabbed my water bottle, and sqirted the dog in the face, he paused for a moment and came again, this time moving to the opposite side of the road, so I squirted again, did nothing to the dog, I was out of water, and hoped fetch might work, I throw my water bottle, dog still kept comming.
The dog caught my foot, I started to look back, and nnext thing I know I am going over my bars. My face hit the asphalt/rocks first, and my hand shoulder and hip all on the right side also too impact with the road. I found my bottle cage broken and the dog had ran off. I slowly got onto
my bike, and pedaled away. At the end of the road, I checked my equipement and everything was ok.

I made it home, went to Med-Express, had my wounds cleaned, and had X-Rays of shoulder and face. No Stitches needed and no broken bones. I am thankful for this, and plan to be back in the saddle soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone that raced the Morgantown RR did well and had fun!

I took the weekend to come home to Charleston and spend time with family and old friends. Of course I brought a bike home too! I wanted to just get out on the roadie for awhile and have some fun. No chasing, no attacks, no pulls, no intervals, no sprints... just some fun, fast solo riding.

Roads were fairly empty Saturday, so I set out for about 50miles, riding from my house, through the mountains of the South Hills area and back. I got lots of thumbs up waves from cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. The team bike is a huge hit and people as lots of questions. The roads in South Hills are amazing for cycling. Beautiful views, low traffic, perfectly maintained two lane roads. There's also an awesome carriage path to ride on cyclocross style. I snapped some pics of the team hotness to share.

47 Miles. 3,328ft of climbing. Total time: 2hr 52min. Avg. Speed: 16.5


Happy Easter everyone, go ride!



Yesterday was the first race of the WV Road Race Series.
It was a cold and wet morning when I woke up. I put the final touches on the bike and headed out to Core, WV going to Historical Mason-Dixon Park. The race was a big one, with over 60 riders pre-registered I knew it was going to be hectic (as we usually only have 60 total riders). Approximately 200 riders across all categories registered and the racing got under way. Luckily the temp. raised and the sun was attempting to come out.
The race started by going out route 7, and was relatively flat for the first 12 or so miles. In the mens 1/2/3 field the pace started slow as no one was ready to chase down the break in the heavy wind. Then the climbing started, I do not know the numbers but the first climb hurt and the field was shattered. A group of just over 10 riders crested and started the descent fully comming together at the bottom. It was not long and the second climb began. This time shattering the group even more. I made it over with two other riders, and having 3 riders ahead in sight. The three of us were chasing the three in front and were unsuccessful, and caught be 6 other riders. This group of 9 stayed together over the next two climbs and at the final K or so two riders (GUnnar and Adam A.) got away. I took 2nd in the sprint (I'll holdmy peace about the winner) ad 9th overall.

I do not know how the Team riders official placings at this point in time, but it seemed that everyone had a good time racing and did well.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


After months of anticipation the SRAM order finally arrive.
At 1:30 pm on Good Friday the Ryan Post alerted everyone to the excitement, after he finished with lab, he and I ventured to Pathfinder to collect the 9 boxes of goodies.
With Thousands of Dollars of Shiny new Parts, Bala, Ryan, and myself unpacked and organized everything.
After completion I promptly went home and put my SRAM RED Shifters and Derailleurs onto my bike. (Details on the debut ride to come.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snake Hill doesn't bite

For some reason Chad decided he wanted to over train again and do Snake Hill after get nailed on yesterday's hammer ride. When Elliott said he'd go, I figured it couldn't be so bad from all the smack talk everyone says about the poor cucumber.
So Chad, Bob, Elliott and Ryan headed out. Chad got dropped like he had a parachute on the first climb of Dug Hill. We waited up around the turn until we decided he Brock'd out and went home. Then we get to the 4way of Dug and there's Chad.
Forgetting how much of a cat 6 Bob was, he swings left to turn onto snake, sketched out Elliott, flipped me out, and we drilled it onto whatever that road is to Snake Hill. Not far in, Chad chose the absolute worst line, apparently trying to test his bike's worth and his MTB skills. He survived, nearly killing me with a flying bottle. Ironic that the bottle was flying, since it has some queer bird pic on it anyway. I practiced my skills and kicked it clean of the road.
Up the hill, Elliott and Bob put some pressure on, as Chad tried his best imitation of Martino. I definitely felt the day before while riding tempo feeling generally good, except the legs were lacking a bit.
Heading out the top, Elliot begins his begging of not riding the "dirt road". Then pulls this crap about our coach saying to only work on 1 thing at a time, and he's working on climbing, not technical. When we get to the end, he's out voted, and we do the normal road to the top of Summer School Rd, while Bob and Elliott exclaim that we're going the wrong way. I still have no idea what the heck Steve was doing taking them on a real dirt road...stupid, but what we ended up on, the whole group thought was fine.
Nothing too eventful after that, the cucumber descended pretty fast, and really likes to take the turns from the middle of the road. I think he's trying to sweep the gravel out with his tires.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WVU Rocks out the MBC Fast ride

Attack, Attack, Attack!!

That was the theme of tonight's hammer ride.

Apparently there was an incident with a cyclist and a car. Nate Annon dropped out of the pack to take a tinkle and was apparently assulted by a car. After passing closely, the car break checked causing Nate to rear end him. The Brasmanian devil, having lost a waterbottle came up later and helped out. Although the guy had been drinking, he wasn't legally drunk, according to the cops who showed up.

Headed out 100 with the usual friendly pace. I had a nice view behind Janel... looking at the river. Headed under the railroad trussel and the carnage began. Steve pulled an attack from the left and I don't even know what happened from there. I held on for as long as I could, seeing up to 32mph and a 200bpm heart rate heading up 100. Brock was showing some strong legs, as were Talbott, Jimmy, and Papa Dave. Janel stayed with it too. Never saw Bala, I guess he passed me too quick as I fell out. I will happily report that this week I dropped out of the pack before Ryan did, but none the less we kept on going to the Rt. 19 regroup like little slowboys would.

After the regroup it came time for the state line sprint, which Ryan apparently ruined by having a huge leadout and making two cars sit in the gap between the pack and him. Way to go, chief.

Pedals were spinning quick on Big Shannon. 25mph or so heading out. I stayed in the pack and even pulled at one point, which was a fun change. I hung in as long as I could but blew up and dropped out of the pack somewhere in the rollers near Kiger hill. I stopped for awhile and soft pedaled a bit waiting for the pack to come back and catch me, which Ryan came in the distance. He fell out of the pack early but was still chasing.

I pulled an Andy Weidrich and jumped into the race pack as they passed me going back down Big Shannon to Mt. Morris, picking up Gunnar and Betsy who were late having spent some time with Nate and the Policy men. The front 8 or so of us formed a paceline and pushed back into town. It was uber fast and I fell back with Steve, Ryan, and another rider and we rejoined the group at the turn back on Rt 19. The group made our way back, passing 100, and over the hill on 19. On the descent we got an awesome paceline going, holding 40mph for a nice period of time. I took two pulls at the front, one at about a 32mph pace and the other around 28mph. The paceline was working awesome, definitely the best one I've ever been in. Took some confidence building at first to trust those wHeels I was chasing on some bumpy roads, but all was well.

Through Osage and back into town was uneventful. The pace slowed coming into Westover and I rode back following Jimmy and Steve. Then we lost Steve? Weird. Must have hit a deer.

Slowboy GPS Link

-Chad, not Ryan.

WVU Crew: Jimmy, Janel, Brock, James, Ryan, Bala, Chad, Steve, Talbot, Papa Dave

Sunday, April 5, 2009

WVU Strikes Again @ VT

Another exciting weekend of RACING...
6 riders and an official traveled to VT for a fun filled weekend of racing.
We attempted to depart Morgantown at 4:30 on Friday but that failed and we finally got on the road shortly before 6. Along the drive the Cucumber (not pickled yet), AKA Elliott, claimed to have witnessed 3 moons (2 which came out at the same time). We stopped in Fayetteville, WV for some Mexican at Diogi's, and made it to "Big Watts" Hanson's House around 11pm.
We all took the chance to claim our sleeping space and after some school girl giggling and Chad partying with the neighbors (AKA asking them to turn their thumping bass down), we all fell asleep.
Morning came a few hours later at 7am, and the coffee was brewing and the bike packing went into action.
We loaded the vehicles and headed for the road race. Steve decided to take the lead without directions and got lost, and after getting on the correct road, the horribly unfortunate occurred. A deer found the headlight/hood of Steve's car. After some blood was shed, and fur relocated into the bumper, the entire team arrived safety and prepped for the race.

The racing was intense. Men's A went off first, followed by Men's B and Women's A.
James M. Schulte 3rd (men's A)
Janel C. Bedard 2nd (Women's A)
Steve Nutt 9th (men's B)
Brian Talbott 21st (men's B)

I don't know about the other races, but I broke away at mile 10 (solo'ing for about 20 miles and held upfront for close to 55 miles) and even though I did look back, I kept charging forward and it payed off for me in the end. This was my best ever ACCC road finish.

After a brief intermission and a slight course change the Men's C and D races took off. (these races had a different, much easier finish)
James Braswell 19 (men's C) having dropped his chain very early on and had to chase the whole race.
Chad Lowers 21 (men's C)
Elliot "Cucumber" Iannello 24 (men's D)

All of them looked fast as they went through the race.

After the race, we left Ryan to officiate the TTT and we went to took some showers and ate some food at the Cellar. YUMMY food!!!

After, an anti-climatic evening (minus Ryan's free drink from taco bell, and frosties) we hit the hay.

Waking up at 7am for round two. CRIT action.
The crit racing was intense, with Talbott asking for a pity win on the start line... After 7 years of racing for WVU this was his last ACCC start. The field laughed offered a prime (silly man denied a free prime, and said all or nothing). (prime- pronounce preem).
Elliott took 9th in Men's D
James and Chad took 20th and 22nd respectively
Talbott took 16th and Steve (after a flat and several attempts to solo) took 6th and a 4th place prime.
Janel took 1st place with the big W, shaking off "Big Watts" for the sprint.(with 1-3rd, 3-2nd's, and 2-1st's primes)
and I was unable to repeat and finished 22nd.

We'll miss ya Dr T, even though you never did win


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Night SufferFest begins

The weekly Wednesday night'er has started for the MonBike Club. Tonight's ride had an outstanding showing, and was brutal as soon as the neutral ended.

As the group was riding and everyone was cheery, we rolled under the train bridge and some Malaysian kid and some pale pasty white kid in a spongebob jersey had to ruin the fun and attack. I proceeded to grab onto the Visitor Ryan Nye (Team Preferred Care (Janel's Friend)) and grab onto the leaders. It was a decent size group and everyone was doing their part nicely. The first bump occured in the road and Adam A. Attacked, with Ryan and myself able to follow, we left the work up to Adam (as my heart rate was through the roof at this point). Threats were made going into the climb and about half way up Ryan flatted. The re-groupping occured at the connection of 19/100. Once everyone was in the group proceeded towards the stateline sprint.
Adam went to the front to ramp up the pace and I made sure to follow his wheel, Jason started the sprint and it was a tough call of who actually took the sprint (I'll yield and give props to Jason).
The pace stayed high until the turn around point, and even then it was still hard. We lost some people on the return, and waited for a bit, but the bike meeting was starting and I needed to get back. A small group returned back into town.

here is the ride if your interested in joining sometime, or curious what you did: