Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snake Hill doesn't bite

For some reason Chad decided he wanted to over train again and do Snake Hill after get nailed on yesterday's hammer ride. When Elliott said he'd go, I figured it couldn't be so bad from all the smack talk everyone says about the poor cucumber.
So Chad, Bob, Elliott and Ryan headed out. Chad got dropped like he had a parachute on the first climb of Dug Hill. We waited up around the turn until we decided he Brock'd out and went home. Then we get to the 4way of Dug and there's Chad.
Forgetting how much of a cat 6 Bob was, he swings left to turn onto snake, sketched out Elliott, flipped me out, and we drilled it onto whatever that road is to Snake Hill. Not far in, Chad chose the absolute worst line, apparently trying to test his bike's worth and his MTB skills. He survived, nearly killing me with a flying bottle. Ironic that the bottle was flying, since it has some queer bird pic on it anyway. I practiced my skills and kicked it clean of the road.
Up the hill, Elliott and Bob put some pressure on, as Chad tried his best imitation of Martino. I definitely felt the day before while riding tempo feeling generally good, except the legs were lacking a bit.
Heading out the top, Elliot begins his begging of not riding the "dirt road". Then pulls this crap about our coach saying to only work on 1 thing at a time, and he's working on climbing, not technical. When we get to the end, he's out voted, and we do the normal road to the top of Summer School Rd, while Bob and Elliott exclaim that we're going the wrong way. I still have no idea what the heck Steve was doing taking them on a real dirt road...stupid, but what we ended up on, the whole group thought was fine.
Nothing too eventful after that, the cucumber descended pretty fast, and really likes to take the turns from the middle of the road. I think he's trying to sweep the gravel out with his tires.

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