Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesterday was the first race of the WV Road Race Series.
It was a cold and wet morning when I woke up. I put the final touches on the bike and headed out to Core, WV going to Historical Mason-Dixon Park. The race was a big one, with over 60 riders pre-registered I knew it was going to be hectic (as we usually only have 60 total riders). Approximately 200 riders across all categories registered and the racing got under way. Luckily the temp. raised and the sun was attempting to come out.
The race started by going out route 7, and was relatively flat for the first 12 or so miles. In the mens 1/2/3 field the pace started slow as no one was ready to chase down the break in the heavy wind. Then the climbing started, I do not know the numbers but the first climb hurt and the field was shattered. A group of just over 10 riders crested and started the descent fully comming together at the bottom. It was not long and the second climb began. This time shattering the group even more. I made it over with two other riders, and having 3 riders ahead in sight. The three of us were chasing the three in front and were unsuccessful, and caught be 6 other riders. This group of 9 stayed together over the next two climbs and at the final K or so two riders (GUnnar and Adam A.) got away. I took 2nd in the sprint (I'll holdmy peace about the winner) ad 9th overall.

I do not know how the Team riders official placings at this point in time, but it seemed that everyone had a good time racing and did well.

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