Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogs are dangerous

After becoming a cyclist I gained a person issue with dogs. Not all dogs and hopefully not your dog.
LEASHES, CHAINS, INVISIBLE FENCES, properly taking care of dogs all good things, but the dog that runs into the road VERY BAD.
This is my second crash in 6 months on the road bike, and this is the second time in 6 months a dog has been the reason for the crash. The first time was in the fall, I was riding with Mon Bike club, a few dogs came into the road and one ran into my front wheel, knocking me down and causing me to break my saddle.
Today, While I was riding alone in Preston County, I took my usual ride out McKinney Cave Rd. This road in my eyes is known for it's dogs. When making the turn onto the road a dog came into the road and barked at me, I yelled "NO, STOP" and the pup went back into it's grass. I came across a few other dogs who have an invisible fence, who barked but had nothing on me. I was about 3/4 of the way complete with the road and out came a German Sheperd, I yelled "NO, STOP, NO," this did not phase the dog. I was trying to go fast to get away, but I grabbed my water bottle, and sqirted the dog in the face, he paused for a moment and came again, this time moving to the opposite side of the road, so I squirted again, did nothing to the dog, I was out of water, and hoped fetch might work, I throw my water bottle, dog still kept comming.
The dog caught my foot, I started to look back, and nnext thing I know I am going over my bars. My face hit the asphalt/rocks first, and my hand shoulder and hip all on the right side also too impact with the road. I found my bottle cage broken and the dog had ran off. I slowly got onto
my bike, and pedaled away. At the end of the road, I checked my equipement and everything was ok.

I made it home, went to Med-Express, had my wounds cleaned, and had X-Rays of shoulder and face. No Stitches needed and no broken bones. I am thankful for this, and plan to be back in the saddle soon.


mike said...

Dangerous for sure. Heal up soon. BTW, I think I used to live in that house...417? Great place.

Ryan said...

You better not be using this as an excuse to bail on conference champs.

Philmeaux said...

Pepper Spray is light weight and works soooo well.

Craig, The Flanders Fat Cat said...

I ride up there all the time and avoid Mckinney Cave as much as I can. The place is indeed rife with dogs. You have to be very forceful with them and never run. Remember, they propably have mean owners and you have to speak to them (the dogs)accordingly. Sorry that pup got you. Now he nows he can bring those funny lookin' deer down- shit.