Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Night SufferFest begins

The weekly Wednesday night'er has started for the MonBike Club. Tonight's ride had an outstanding showing, and was brutal as soon as the neutral ended.

As the group was riding and everyone was cheery, we rolled under the train bridge and some Malaysian kid and some pale pasty white kid in a spongebob jersey had to ruin the fun and attack. I proceeded to grab onto the Visitor Ryan Nye (Team Preferred Care (Janel's Friend)) and grab onto the leaders. It was a decent size group and everyone was doing their part nicely. The first bump occured in the road and Adam A. Attacked, with Ryan and myself able to follow, we left the work up to Adam (as my heart rate was through the roof at this point). Threats were made going into the climb and about half way up Ryan flatted. The re-groupping occured at the connection of 19/100. Once everyone was in the group proceeded towards the stateline sprint.
Adam went to the front to ramp up the pace and I made sure to follow his wheel, Jason started the sprint and it was a tough call of who actually took the sprint (I'll yield and give props to Jason).
The pace stayed high until the turn around point, and even then it was still hard. We lost some people on the return, and waited for a bit, but the bike meeting was starting and I needed to get back. A small group returned back into town.

here is the ride if your interested in joining sometime, or curious what you did:

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Ryan said...

You forgot, on the 100/19 regroup, Liew was lost. He claims his tiny little leg muscles cramped.

I don't know what fool would go on a flyer with me. I don't even think I flew very far...but it sure was fun!