Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WVMBA #1 Big Bear Lake Classic

While the rest of the team was road racing down at Conference Champs, a solid group of WVU cycling members made the short jump up the road to Big Bear Lake for the first of the 2009 WVMBA series races.

A total of 209 racers were in attendance, and the WVU squad consisted of Steve, Robbie, Laura, Team Talbot, Larry, Bala, Chad, James, Andrew, Lemma, and myself! Of course there were tons of other well known locals there to dominate.

Liew, Andrew, and I made the jump to expert with Bala sandbagging for the day in Sport class. I guess he didn't really sand bag since he finished third, of course this was after having the change a flat tire.

A lot of podium finishes for the ladies, Laura, Seira, and Lemma, as well as from Bala.

Everyone had great rides, no series mechanicals, Bala and Robbie both suffered from flats, but both were able to recover quickly and have fine finishes.

Liew did his usual super fast hole-shot crazy start which offered up a lot of excitement.

The weather was really nice for the day, with some light misting raing coming towards the end of the race to offer a cool reprieve just before the finish.


Good job to all who raced! Anyone else interested, check out www.wvmba.com for more series races!

Here is some picture from Liew,

Ramp festival at Mt. Morris after skipping prize award at Big bear

Met alpacasss...


- Jake


Ryan said...

Jake's not wearing a team kit, but i shows off his man boob meat so I guess that's ok.

Brandon Crawford said...

In all fairness, Lemma isn't wearing a team kit either...

"Amber S." said...

haha! who cares about team kits, Liew met alpacas. That's too funny.