Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get up. You ain't hurt.

Jimmy posted a ride today at 2pm. Elliott and I came along. We decided to do Cheat Lake to Pt Marion, apparently Elliott had never been to the unopened interstate. Jimmy was telling me all about this new construction over there. When we got there, they were working and had turned what used to be mushy gravel into hardpacked clay. Jimmy and I chatted while riding along, watching the workers watching us. Then one of the workers said to us, "You buddy back there fell down". We turned around laughing as we Elliott was stuck on his side, having falling in the wet clay and was unable to unclip. After 20 seconds or so, I yelled back to hurry up, and the worker then yelled "Get up buddy, you ain't hurt". But Elliott was hurt, his pride was damaged as he had gotten dirt on his team kit and his team bike. But we rode on.
Near the end of the ride, as we were nearing the hospital, Jimmy and I said we were going to get on the sidewalk instead of riding on 705, but the cucumber didn't hear. He ride along the side of the walk for a bit, until he decided to try his luck with a nice 4" deep groove, plenty wide to consume a wheel. Jimmy and I both got to see him drop in with some speed, ride a bit then flip over onto the sidewalk. Pride badly damaged, front wheel took some damage, but he did scrape his shin up pretty good, so he'll get some pity points from the girls.

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Brandon Crawford said...

Ouch. I see Elliott has taken my place as suicidal maniac while I'm on academic leave. Unfortunately for him, cucumbers bruise easy.