Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awesome weather and awesome riding

The weather has been gorgeous the past two days, how could you not want to be on a bike!

I got annihilated in the hammer ride yesterday and blew up w/ a hr of 203. Held with the pack till Taylortown Rd or thereabouts. Legs seriously felt like they locked up and I was in the most pain I've been in for as long as I could recall... I called it quits and bailed back. Spun on the rail trail and Aaron's creek to try to get my legs to stop hurting... they didn't.

Today I was supposed to do the Wamsley fast ride/slow ride with Emily but after working all day I passed out for a nap and overslept the meet time. Whoops. Sorry Emily!! I decided to head out on the roadie and explore Kingwood Pike, I always looked at it on maps and such and wanted to try it out, but no rides ever ended up heading that way. I thought some long sustained climbing would be nice to loosen up the big guys and warm up the diesel fuel. Safe to say that this is my new favorite ride in town. It's like Snake hill, but much more constant. Hardly any traffic and amazing views. Lots of green open fields and great condition pavement. Rode out to where I could see Masontown and Reedsville then headed back for an amazing 10 mile long descent and a race against daylight all the way home. Wouldn't mind hitting it up on the Tuesday nigher if the group that shows is interested. We could also come back on Summer School instead. 26.7 miles and 2,800ft of climb for the entire ride.

Kingwood Pike GPS

Enjoy the weather!!!

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