Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Adventures

Today, Lemma and I set out at our slow pace to do what is now officially her longest road ride ever --the unopened interstate loop. We didn't want to go all the way out to the new exit past Point Marion and have to ride 119 back, so I figured we could go underneath the recently built bridge down onto Morgan's Run Road like we used to before the built the bridge. Apparently you can't (well, they don't want you to) do that anymore. The once gravel/dirt road is now filled with grass/plants/large drainage rocks, complete with a barbed wire fence at the bottom. So Lem and I did a hike-a-bike and threw our bikes over the barbed wire, and then crawled under the fence where the big rocks were placed since they left a fairly large gap for us to fit through. During this adventure I lost my bike computer (we found it though!) andddd got a flat (but my tires loosened up enough that I can FINALLY fix flats without any help, so that problem was solved pretty quickly), and other than that--there is good news. There was a freshly paved road on the other side of the fence that goes right down to Morgan's Run Road! I'm assuming that to get to it we just need to go slightly farther on the road that has the short, steep hill (great description, I know) and it will put us on that new road. That means that even once the interstate opens/they actually start doing work on it, that ride can live on! yayyyy! And plus, now we can just do that if we'd rather not add on the extra miles,hills, and traffic in PA. The rest of the ride (along with the hike a bike) went smoothly, except for the fact that right before the new University High, they have the road completely torn up/graveled, so that added another adventurous part to our 35+ mile journey. After the school busses and Fed Ex trucks kicked up endless amounts of dust into our faces, we made it past the "rough road" thanks to our mtb skills, if you could call them that( haha). And returned home in one piece. All in all, good ride--sweet tanlines.

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Ryan said...

You know you can go straight across the road in Gans (end of the interstate). It's a country road that takes you to the top of the hydro dam.