Saturday, October 31, 2009

Morgantown Cyclo-cross

This morning dawned at something like 75degrees as I awoke earlier than I ever do for class to get ready for some CX action. I was burning up in my t-shirt at 8am on the rail-trail ride to Marilla Park, no need for hoodies or rain jackets.

The first race was Womens,Masters and Single speeds and had the biggest variety of skill levels I've ever seen on the same course. Steve Rowand took the lead early, and just kept enlarging the gap on his SS, lapping some of the "never raced before gals"-which was awesome that they were there...smiling like all women do when they race. Then right at the end of the race, came the rain and with it, a 15degree temperature drop.

I left my post at the scoring line to race in the Mens B, on the nicely watered course...and got beat by Gunnar and Betsy, but thats OK, because it was 2v1 and I stayed with 'em for the first 3 laps before my asthma...ya asthma, sure. Really, I don't think the grass needed watered, it was wet enough already...but someone insisted. We prepped the course as best we could in our 45min of racing for the Mens A...

I think you need only see some photos of that race to know what happened there.

JR Petsko, Natures Essence Photography


Mr. President rollin' fast!


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