Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wake Forest race weekend

Quick summary by Brandon Crawford:

Everyone did well this weekend. Everyone finished their races. No one
got pulled. Many racers DNFed in each race, but WVU did not have a
single one. None of our guys/gal were harmed irreparably. Lessons in
humility were learned by everyone. It is going to be one fast, fun
year of racing.

The 3.75km ITT was brutal. Much gasping for air occurred. Many muscles
were made sore. It started with a decent hill climb, which at speed
felt like having your legs ripped apart. False flats and a slightly
downhill finish followed. Temperature outside: really COLD.

The road race was a bit warmer, with a 10 mile loop course that seemed
innocent enough during warmup laps but proved to be a substantial
challenge at race/near race pace. Broski brought it home during a
dramatic, reportedly highly frustrating Men's A race with a solid pack
finish. For more details on the frustration of the race, ask broski.The mens C race had the largest field I have ever seen.
Easily 60 riders. Brad Dodson proved that he has major rookie of the
year potential, pulling a solid top group finish in the mens C race.
Emily showed that squats and only squats are an effective way to train
for road racing, as she held solid in the Womens A and brought home a
4th place finish. Everyone else performed their best and finished
strong, while learning a lot.

On sunday, the Crit was a fast loop around a WFU parking lot. The
front side was slightly (1-2%) up hill, while the backside was
slightly (1-2%) downhill. This combination of up and down led to most
of the interesting action being on the uphill, more challenging side
near the spectators, making the races fun to watch. Mens A's were
going so fast it was almost unbelievable. B's and C's were cooking it
between 20-25 mph average. Men's D's reportedly held a few mph below
20 for most of the race. Exact placings are TBD. The course was dirty,
cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and great for racing.

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