Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What jerseys can do for you (No, not New Jerseys)

Last night 3 experienced riders, and 3 new guys went on a WVU Cycling group ride to Sperm Loop, down 50mph, and back on Fort Martin. On Ft Martin road, we decided to teach pace lining, at a nice easy pace. All went well until the State Line, which is a decent little decline, with 2 perfectly placed potholes, which the lead riders did not point out. In any case, 4th in line hit the holes, and went down at 25MPH (that’s what my GPS says I was doing at the time).

In any case, 2 teachable moments here.

1. Moving out the way of a hole is not enough notice to the people behind you. Point, or at least yell it out.

2. Sleeved jerseys will save your skin. No seriously. Jerseys are designed to withstand abrasion, as well as all those performance perks, pockets and style factor. Here are pics to prove it.

The shoulder of the jersey.The rider's shoulder.

This was a 25MPH crash with a 50’ skid on pavement.

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