Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extra Big A.S.S. Ride

Today Kyle, Marco, Dave and I joined in on the bonus Annual Spring Spectacular Ride. The day started out cold with Gunnar complaining about waking up early and having to wear earmuffs. He decided to take it out on the world by going hard for the first 15 miles, despite having not been “emotionally prepared to crush it” that early Kyle, Dave and I held his wheel and turned in some great pulls. The ride then paused for ~20 minutes for warm clothing removal and tan line perfection while we waited on the rest of the group. After everyone got back together we rode at a much more reasonable pace for through several roads I have never ridden before. We took two stops so people doing the shorter rides could split off to take a shorter route home…we thought Marco turned with the first of these groups.
The ride proceeded to a 7-eleven for water and food. We were about to start riding again when Marco rolled by, apparently he had missed the turn off. Marco was in it for the long haul and did well until we approached the 45 mile mark when he got dropped. The next 15 miles consisted of Gunnar, Kyle, Dave and myself taking turns pushing Marco up hills and back into the peloton until we could get to a spot with cell service so we could call for a pick up…Marco wasn’t the last to need a pick up.
The rest of the ride consisted of steady climbing and hard intervals on the flat. Most notably was the section from Big Shannon to Masontown where for some reason several of us decided to line up and crush it. The effort ended with Gunnar, Kyle and myself rolling into town alone. All in all, it was a great 103 mile ride on a great day. Good job to everyone, especially that 16 year old kid known as “the kid” (I know, we’re soooo creative.) The best part is, tomorrow’s A.S.S. ride should ‘be even more better’ with doughnuts and a pizza buffet afterwards.

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