Monday, December 15, 2008

Roost the Narr!

Sorry I couldn't post last night, but my interweb was non-functional.

The club ski trip was a super hot success! Liew, Bala, Amber, Jimmy, Lemma, and myself all hit the slopes early yesterday morning for Wisp's $7 birthday spectacular!

The crowd was actually pretty moderate considering the price, and the snow was very nice. Mostly packed powder everywhere, with the exception of one icey patch on squirrel cage. We spent the first part of the day on some greens and shaking some of the rust off, and then went and stretched our legs on the blues and blacks. The weather could not have been more perfect as it was sunny and in the upper 40's. Jimmy wasn't even wearing gloves by the end of the day.

Lemma even had a near cell phone/lift chair disaster as she went to answer her phone we all were able to witness it floating at almost slow motion speed towards the ground and we continued onward. Luckily she and Jimmy were able to ski down fast enough to save the day, and the phone!

The most improved skiier award goes to Mr. Chetmun Liew, for claiming to "suck" but going out and dominating the slopes with his killer carving capabilities....and yes I did just use some alliteration.

Hopefully we can all go again as a group. Sorry for those who couldn't come. We will catch you next time!

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Ryan said...

Hah, I remember taking Liew out with Gef on his first and last run of the day way back when. Serious lack of skill and determination. Glad he got over it.

Not sure K..C..C is alliteration.