Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Road Ride

Brautigam posted easier this week about some great 85mile course.

So we met him at Bakers Ridge and Stewartstown at 7:30 to begin our journey in hopes of extending his ride to make a century. Of course, google maps has failed again listing roads that don't exist somewhere around mile 36, if you recalled the earlier post we shouldn't repeat the same mistakes.

So we ended up on Friendsville Rd, then got directions to head towards Wisp looking for Sand Springs Rd. In typical Andrew fashion, he had a timeline and had to call for a ride once he realized he wouldn't make his 2PM deadline. So Emily and I carried on with meager directions. When I saw Bishoff Rd, I knew it was hopeless and began to try to remember our old WVU RR course on Sang Run. We ran into a guy picking up trash who gave great directions to get to Big Bear, which we figured at that point we could either continue home, or get a ride from one of the Ultra racers. We chose the latter.

70miles/8k' climbing.

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