Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You're hitting your face with your window

Chad and I were pedaling up University just past the law school on our way down to the Hammer Ride, about to crest the hill to begin our fast descent, when this crazy lady in a Toyota Camry zoomed by me over the yellow line. She also zoomed passed Chad, shoving the oncoming traffic over to the right.

Then as we headed down the hill, preparing for our 35 mph descent, the lady suddenly brake checks. Chad shouted, "Whoa!" as she waved her hand and flicked us off.

At the stop light, Chad pulled up next to her, "Hey, what you were doing back there was unsafe."
The lady rolled down her window just a crack, leaned her face out, and said, "I'm calling the cops on you!" Then promptly rolled the window back up.
Chad shouts back, "Call the cops on yourself! I'm not doing anything illegal, I have a right to the lane."
The crazy lady rolled her window back down, "I'm a lawyer! I know the laws, and you need to stop breaking them." She rolled the window back up.
Chad scoffed, and said, "No, I know the laws, and I'm not doing anything illegal."
The lady rolled her window down, "You just need to get out of my way!" She rolled her window back up.
Chad told her, "You're hitting your face with your window."
She rolled the window back down. I saw her roll her eyes in her sideview mirror, "You're an idiot! Get out of my way."
Then the light turned green and the lady was saved from any more confrontation with that crazy hooligan in the tight shorts. Waaaaaaaah

Ryan, incidentally, just three minutes behind Chad and me because he forgot to inflate his tire, also encountered some fat ladies harassing him on the way down University. He'll tell his story soon enough, if he remembers.

Share the road!

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