Sunday, September 20, 2009

On your left! CRASH

Justin, Elliott, and I headed out Saturday to do something EPIC. After doing Break Iron, Justin split to go be a good Med school student...while Elliott and I headed towards Aaron's Creek. At this point, with only 25 miles or so clocked, we were not nearly we decided to head to the PA state line and do a little exploring. It's at times like this you realize WV is a beautiful state. You just have to take the time to enjoy it.

At about mile 30, it happened. Elliott and I were cruising on the rail trail...having a good ol' time. Then, almost in sync with Elliott yelling, "On your left", a runner, who was using an ipod, cut in front of the both of us. CRASH. Actually, it was the wimpiest crash I've ever experienced. Elliott bounced off the runner and landed in a tree/some bushes. I bounced off Elliott and fell over. Everyone was ok. No scratches or scrapes, except maybe a few slight ones to our pride and bicycles. Oh, and both Elliott and I had our front wheels knocked out of true. Daaanngit. Thankfully we were only about a mile from pathfinder, where Andy and his crew saved the day.

After getting everything fixed at P, Elliott and I went home. Mostly we went home to eat because we were starving, but also to cuddle up close with our bicycles and ask for forgiveness for crashing them. Unfortunately, the epic ride turned out to be not so epic. Fun though, nonetheless.

Break Iron + Aaron's Creek GPS


Elvis said...

You guys wouldn't wrecked if race MTB with us

Brandon Crawford said...

Liew, I don't have a MTB. Not possible. lol