Monday, September 14, 2009

William and Mary

We headed to W&M, 14 strong. VT had about 20, with VT upgrading a bunch of riders to A, ouch. W&M had some confusion with USAC about officials, but we were able to work it out for the weekend. The courses were VERY twisty, with lots of roots and tight gaps between trees.
We took 1st through 4th and 6th in the TT in Mens A. Sunday’s XC was won by a VT rider who had been sandbagging in B all season. 2nd through 5th of the MA places were taken by WVU riders. In typical fashion, I exploded off the start taking the lead into the single track, with a WM rider right on my wheel, and a few VT riders in tow. I suck at twisty trail, but no one challenged me, thus began a 1.5lap “fun train” while I lead around 5 guys until I let David Henry pass me when he was able to ride a 2’ log. The fun train apparently derailed after that, but I wasn’t fast enough to see it. Liew ended up 4th and I got 5th in Mens B.

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