Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boom Baby!

Let the blogging begin!

It's cold out there team! Though, I hear rumblings of a Jimmy-lead covered bridge tour on Saturday!

Check with Jimmy and the forum for more details!

I think this blog idea of Ryan's is great. This will be an excellent way to share your thoughts on rides, races, frustrations with the weather, and of course any other randomness that may suit. (within reason of course)

As for me, during the winter I like to take the time to rest, do some other activities, but I still try to get out on the ole bike around once or so a week just for fun. My training (if you really ever wanted to call it that) is over for the year, so it's fun rides, climbing at the rec, and snowboarding for me for the next couple months!

For those of you who do wish to continue the training, I first commend you, and second will direct you towards the members section for some excellent training information and schedules!

Don't forget to get money to Liew and Sponge for team orders!

PS - uh we are awesome! Great job during mountain season champs!

See you out there!

- Jake

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