Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

So, yes I bailed on the ride today! Everyone knows I love riding my bike buuuut....maybe not so much as to start a super long ride in the "cold November rain...."

Anywho, what I did do today is begin putting together a montage of all of our videos and pictures from the fall racing season. My hope is to get a sweet WVU cycling specific video together for the Outdoor Adventure Film Festival at 123 in April!

So, I have most all the videos from Sponge, and I have access to most all of the pictures, but if anyone has anything really amazing that they want in there let me know!

Hopefully I can get something nice started between now and the spring semester, and then slide in some road pics and video before it all has to be turned in!

It strangely felt good today to do basically nothing.

- Jake


Chad Lowers said...

It definitely does feel great to take a break sometimes and just do nothing.

That's awesome you're doing the film, I wish I had something cool to contribute =(

If you need any help I'd be glad to volunteer some time on it.

Ryan said...

Sweet. Maybe we'll eventually see the rest of the photos from that professional photographer, whose name I won't mention until he gives us some pics.

I've checked other team's sites, mostly ASU, but there's few of us in there.