Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bruceton Mills CX

Chad and I decided to go watch some cyclocross racing in Bruceton Mills today on the Don Parks farm. I've been to some bigger races in MABRA-land, but it was pretty cool to go to simple yet well done race.
Liew had to leave by 1, so he didn't carpool with us. So we started the race day out well by exceeding 110mph on the interstate, passing some cars with bikes on the roof. We then added a helping of uwie which put us behind the other racers. Those racers pulled off into a lot, and pulled in behind us. We then proceeded towards the race, seeing the green mailbox as listed on the flyer directions, but it wasn't with a silver as flyer suggested. So we drove on, and had a second helping of uwie, very excited to see that we had misdirected 2 strangers cars aswell.
It was interesting to see that the parking lot was a grass covered yard, as we crossed the course. Yes, the parking was inside the course, on a grassy, snow covered slope. 4 wheel drive anyone? Not us.
The race had pretty good turnout, maybe 40 racers? Nothing too notable, no spectacular crashes, just some guy from Freddie Fu came and lapped everyone in the fast race. Plowing is a cool way to mark a course.

Heres a boring video

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Chad Lowers said...

It needs to be noted that doing 110 on the interstate only occurred out of self defense from Liew and his attempted slingshot maneuvers. I was afraid he was going to get in front of me and brake check me, like Liew always enjoys doing.

Fun race, good chili.