Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recap on Larry Chet-Mun elvis Liew

Hi all,
Sweet blog yo.We should have start this since old time. For those who don't know me, i'm Larry, you can call me Larry or Liew or Chet-Mun or Chet or echetmun(that's my AIM screename, add me!) or even cooler name, Elvis. This is gonna be a quick recap on Larry, that's me.

Recap starts here------>Ok, after a long long MTB season. From May(WVMBA series) till October(Collegiate season). I am really tired and fatigue. You know, bumpy rocks, logs, and so on, it makes me crazy, due to that, I am currently facing a problem so called "tail-bone fatigue" which when I stand, walk, sit, run, or bike will make my tail-bone hurt like crazy. Here, let me show you a picture of me:

So, bad huh? for those of you who are still concern/care about me, give me a call or come visit me at my house with flowers or fruits or food.

Yea, during the collegiate MTB season, I felt like it's been a really really long season even though only 7 weeks of racing including 5 of those are at North Carolina State. OH Oh...I need to shout out a big thank you to those who went to Pfeiffer race. Without them, I'm not sure if we can make our jersey title printed to 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08. Thank you guys! Well, yea....I think the best position I ever raced during the whole collegiate season is on VT weekend, I had 3rd place overall in short track, FYI: racing with those big gun?WOoooo. And the worst finishing position is during National weekend. Broke my rear derailleur catastrophically, don't know why but Jake saw it (ask Jake for proof). It just break..yeap...break!And, I DNF that race.Hehe...

Well..I guess I have so much thing to say until I forgot..Maybe somebody can back me up and do some recaps more on the season?

Ooh oh...when you are free...go to
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Ryan said...

I think you're just putting on a show for the ladies to get pity points and explain why I'm now faster than you.

Besides, Americans don't eat the stinky durian fruits that you fruits eat.