Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Weekend's Girls Ride!

Soooo I'm a little late with this, but it's better late than never. Last Saturday in the sunshine(!) seven of Morgantown's finest female cyclists headed out on what ended up a 32 mile ride. Lemma, Siera, Laura, Janna and I, along with Sarah Souther, Tricia Lewis, Auvid Momen (you guys may or may not know them) headed out on the "Longhorn Cow" loop-- out 100 to Taylortown Rd., down the super-nice Bigfoot Rd., past the cows and the "biggest flag ever," into downtown Taylortown, and back home via Taylortown/100. Janna and I split off and headed home through Star City, and the rest of the girls went to Blackbear for some good food. I skipped the food and took the liberty of using the hose at the bikehouse to clean my bike (none of the residents knew that until now). It was a great ride--it's always fun when you don't have to try to "hang with the guys" and hear them complain about how slow you are! haha.

here's the map if anyone's interested.

I'll add more pictures later....right now, it's time to ride!



Ryan said...

I'm glad you all got together for a group photo, but I don't believe you actually had that badass of a ride.

"Amber S." said...

i put the map up there just for you, Ryan. None of us care enough to have a fancy GPS.