Monday, February 23, 2009

NCSU (RR)/ WF (Crit)

Another 1,000 miles of driving over the weekend.
This was an intense weekend, Sean C. and myself departed Morgantown around 5pm on Friday. After close to 7 hours of driving we arrived at Hannah's house, and were greeted by her roommates. Equipment was unpacked and sleep was acquired.
The first race of the day sturday was the Men's A, Sean and I both were ready to roll, and after our coffee, we were ready to go. We found our staging at the Lee County Air Port. It was a cool day and a light base layer was all that was required. In the first mile of the race a 9 man break away went up the road. 3 PF riders, NCSU, and NAvy were in the break, VT was left out. After 3 laps (30 miles) the break had almost a 5 minutes on the field. I had attempted several attacks and wanted to create a second break away, unfortunately PF, VT, and Navy did allow me to go up the road.
Sean dropped out after approx. 50 miles. I hang on in the race and placed 8th in the field sprint. 2 riders dropped out of the break away and I placed 15th overall.

The Sunday Crit, was miserable for all riders.
It felt like playing Mario-Kart but on bike, as random obstacles appeared on the course from grates to cones, water bottles and carnage from a wreck. Every field was shattered due to the hard gusts of wind. A wreck occured in Men's C with a few riders going down, and a major wreck in Men's A with about 10 riders hitting the asphalt and two riders one PF and one VT breaking their forks. Only about 15 riders finished the Men's A race, and only the first 3 actually knwo how they finished, as everyone finished the race on a different lap. Sean dropped out, and I finish someplace.

It was a long weekend, and Sean and I both learned alot in the A fields.

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Ryan said...

It was so fitting, I see you post, and in the image gadget thing was your sweaty death pose from VT was it?