Saturday, February 14, 2009

Race update, Day 1

Good day overall today for the team, or at least Brock

-Brock won the mens B race with a nice move at the end to pull past 10
riders and sprint for a 3 bike length finish

-I placed mid pack in the D field, Brandon flatted at mile 6 of 18 and
got a Zipp from someone, he passed 7 people from that point.

-Ryan manned up and raced C. He finished near the back of the pack
after a hard attack from the main group. James did some awesome
acrobatics around mile 6 in the C race when someone tangled bars with
him. He managed to get his rear tire higher than everyone head that
was around him, a rather impressive feat. His face missed the pavement
and his hands and leg took most of the impact. His bike also took a
lot of the impact, but it did not crack OR fail.

-Jimmy pushed around 30mph and was still getting shelled off the A
field. He held strong till around mile 50, then had a lovely group
ride with himself until the end. It's okay though, I later appeased
him by saving him from a speeding ticket by getting it for myself.

GPS from D race:

Good times.


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