Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Training Ride

Zerbe was nice enough to loan Elliott his whip for the weekend, so leaving at noon, Liew, Elliott, and I headed out 100 to Ft. Martin for some base training. From Ft. Martin we pounded out Taylortown road. Around 20 miles out, a mutt frothing at the mouth sprinted off a nearby embankment to eat us alive. I was nearest, and it wanted blood. With the fear of god to drive me, I sped up to 25 mph in about .2 seconds. When the dog decided its snack of choice was too eyed Elliott. Elliott had the exact same reaction...whether by fear of the dog, god, or of not returning Zerbe's bike in one piece. When it decided Elliott was too quick, it took one look at Liew and just stopped. Liew didn't even break cadence. Guess it didn't like chinese food.

With adrenaline now pumping, we pounded out about another 10 miles. Near Mt. Morris, our second dog attack occurred. Running head-long into the road, a border collie intercepted our group. It missed taking out my back wheel and Liews front by a few inches. Elliott gave it a battle cry to scare it off.

To cap the ride off Liew showed us the T.T. course WVU will be using later this season. It starts at Mt. Morris Gospel Tabernacle and makes a pretty quick loop. Then we pounded out 19 back to Star City and Morgantown.

3 hours 17 minutes. 46.5 miles. Good times.


Emily said...

Glad you guys still went out despite the girls' ride plans falling apart.

Ryan said...

Fear not, Emily. the dog doesn't "like Chinese food"

I can't believ Liew wasn't the first one over the next hill. He used to nearly wreck everyone around him at any glimpse of a dog.

Brandon Crawford said...

Liew didn't even blink. The first dog scared me and elliott half to death. The second one just wanted to play...

It was, seriously, like liew was immune.