Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Recovery Ride"

Liew and I were still feeling sick-and Steve claimed to be sick aswell-liar, but it was far too nice to not ride. I ended up getting to the ride 15min early just because it only took me 2 minutes to get dressed instead of the 20 I've gotten used to. I enjoyed the views in front of the 'Lair, but was greatly distracted by the frat boys selling roses. I'm pretty sure the whole frat got a bulk deal on hair cuts.
We opted to climb Snake Hill, hoping to avoid traffic, but I think all the cars had the same idea. We held a pretty good pace, much faster than I thought my phlegm filled lungs would support.
Not much more to report other than Jimmy isn't really that fast, it's just his Zipps, and the road from Masontown to Summer School Rd is quite muddy and deteriorated, however the large potholes towards the end give the opportunity to thoroughly wash your bike. Total distance:35miles, and total time:2hrs30min

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