Saturday, February 7, 2009

Turns out, it wasn't a short cut

A few of us decided to go to Blackbear today. We heard it was better if we took this other route, as University and High Street might have traffic.
So 8 of us left the bike house headed 119 to Cheat Lake. Shawn Waters wanted to show off how bad ass he was so he brought his single speed. A few hills crushed his hopes.
We opted to separate so people could get better training, and our group went to 6. Bala was all stoked about riding on a highway, so we 1 upped that and rode on the wrong side of the road.
Liew and Shawn took the rail trail back from Pt Marion while 4 remaing headed towards Mt Morris with hopes of riding part of the RR course. A few hills later we gave up that endeavor and took 100 home.
If anyone is looking to paint a 2" black line up thier butt and jersey, I'd highly recommend hitting up 100. You can even speckle the front if you draft someone.
Nearly 50miles later we go to Blackbear, only to find out the girl's had beaten us there! Then they all bragged about how there were 9 of them and only 8 of us and all this crap about how they're going to race and look pretty while doing it.
I'll believe that when I see it. I think they just took University to High Street to get to Blackbear.
Oh ya, the food was good.


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Continue from Liew and Shawn.W side of story, after the split at Pt.Marion, 2 of us headed out to rail trail instead of going up Stewardstown rd, we thought its gonna be an easy and fast escape road. It's turn out not! Have you ever ride a whole 7 miles stretch of icy rail trail? I think we does. When I got home, I also realized that we took 4 hours to do the whole 30 miles loop! 30 miles! Good ride Shawn.


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