Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adventure in the SECCC

Sorry the post is a little late.

Erik and I made the 10.5 hour drive to Newnan, Georgia to start out our spring break. Weheaded south because the ACCC did not have a race and both of us were heading that way for our own spring break adventures and because we figured the South had better weather. Could not have been more incorrect about the weather.

We drove all day on Friday, leaving Morgantown around 8 in the morning, and after stocking up with coffee from sheetz the drive began. The weather was overcast the entire trip, we made stops to stretch our legs and ate at a Wendy's around 1pm. We hit Atlanta right around 5pm, surprising the 8 lanes of traffic were moving well and dd not slow us up that much.

We found our hotel after abit of a struggle as the GPS got us to the correct road but about 10 miles from the actually destination. We traveled around the small town of Newnan and ate some anazing pasta from a local resturaunt. We also ventured to a Publix andWalgreens to find Erik from pedia-light and myself some beer (can't get the good stuff in WV).

We went to bed and Erik being the triathlete, instisted we go to the 7.7mile Time Trial, after extreme disorganization the first rider went off about 45 minutes late, and the amazing order of taking off by first name made perfect sense.

We grabbed some quick lunch and then prepared in the cold rain for the road race. After, Erik had magnet problems with his computer and my computer was dead, we both made sure our ZIPP's looked good, put on warm dry cloths, and in my case lathered up with vaseline to prepare for misery.

My 64 mile adventure started out as a very exciting and nerve racking race. Within the first 500 meters, a rider changed lines and came very close to knocking myself and a few other riders over. Then the race took off!! These guys are fast and many of them raced very aggressively, with bikes being leaned over with every powerful pedal stroke, and plenty of bumps and nudges throughout. I saw a great break away which looked promising and decided I needed in it. I bridge the 10-15 second gap and started in, unfortunately about 7 miles up the road the break was caught, the group stayed together until the last 2 miles of the race in which a 4 man break survived to the finish line. I faired well and finshed 8-9 in the sprint.

Erik survuved his day of racing and we hit the hay early at around 10 pm. We woke early and Erik decided to get on the road and head further south. I went to the race and prepared for even more misery. The temp was about the same and the rain was even harder. I wore a base, two jersey's and a vest in attempts to stay warm, it failed. Gloves had to drained from water ever few miles and botht he inside and outside of my glasses needed attention as both were wet. I made an early attempt to cause some trouble and held a 5-6 mile two man break-away. We had fun and knew when to give up. The peleton seemed to be much less motivated then the previous day and on lap 2 let a 3 man break go up the road. Lap 4 a two man break also went up the road. The peleton made a few organized efforts and with about 15 riders remaining, decided to finish as a group, this was the most quiet and defeated group I have ever riden with as all of us just wanted to get off our bikes and call it a day. The race was scheduled for 64 miles though the finish came around mile 70. The surge came about 100 meters before the final turn and the 200 meters to the finish then. I went and fair at about 7 in the sprint. Taking 11 or 12 for the race.

Overall it was a great weekend and I learned alot. What doesn't kill one makes him stronger and that was most definately the story for the weekend, as I post making it to the finish line as a vistory in itself. The South does not always have better weather.

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Brandon Crawford said...

At least you kicked some SECCC ass!