Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trail work at Big Bear!

During the weekend WVU cycling team members put in about 28 man hours of trail work up at Big Bear! Liew, Zerbe, Dave Light, and I did some trail walking and debris cleaning on Saturday for about 2 and a half hours. Liew and I walked the "Canaan" loop and cleared the winter debris, and Zerbe and DL worked trails up by the airport. We then rocked out a 3 hour ride with Mark Schooley and some other Morgantown Locals who were out working as well. The ride was great and the weather was just ridiculous. We even ran into some of the WVU ladies out there riding as well. By the end of the ride, we were hungry, spent, and my knee was pretty well worked after a nice endo.

Today we had six guys go out, Nutt, Zerbe, DL, Robbie, T-bot, and myself. After stuffing our faces at lil Sandies in Bruceton Mills, we met up with Dave and Rob Vorhees out there by the dam and started the day with a nice two hour ride. Zerbe was still pretty toasted from riding Friday at Canada, and yesterday as well, but he still dominated. I was nursing my knee, which I was surprised to find worked quite well, and tired myself. The weather was warm again, and the ride today was pretty quick, it was nice to fly through the trails with a sick group.

After the ride we quickly changed and got to work on a new trail that Benji has been cutting in. Mark had marked off the main idea while we were riding and we were now there to cut her in. I'd say we did a rather fine job with our section, making it both excellent to ride quickly in both directions. Morgan Miller and Chris Phillips were also out working, so with that many people out, everyone was able to get a lot done! Apparently Mark saw a bear down near the new trail; I was of course mad, because I have still never seen one...

It was a sick weekend, and we got quite a lot of hours in. The trails up there are nice a dry, and most of them are now quite clean, and the new one is going to be sick-tacular. I love the jump trail...too bad I forgot my camera today...bummer.

Hope the rest of the team faired well with the road racing!


Ryan said...

I'm confused. This looks like 2 different posts smashed together.

Looks like lots of time got put in by a bunch of people. Sorry I had to be getting hay for the Crit and missed it.

Jacob Brown said...

Yeah, Liew threw the last picture up there!

We got a lot done and it sick man. I also brought back some waivers for peeps to fill out so they can get passes...