Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday at Coops

Proposed for trail work today at Big Bear but Mark said it is too wet and rainy to work on it. Therefore, have an early team meeting at bike house with myself,Steve, Jake and Balaji.To not disappoint Balaji for waking up early on Sunday, we(except steve) decided to ride bikes out and back from Liew's apartment to Coopers Rock on MTB. We rode from mileground-cheat lake-quarry run(brutal climb)-coops. Out and back cranked us a total distance of 40miles. Weather was ok, off road condition was muddy, scenic condition was excellent:Get a chance to spectate 6.2K running race, met a couple old time wvu cycling alumni;
Hero of the day, Balaji rode Jake's single speed out and back and he kept up pretty good(Beast.....). Jake had a crazy tire explosion up at the top of Coops.
Best moment of the day: Chocolate cake after ride...deliciousssnessss....

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