Thursday, March 5, 2009

Solo is so Peaceful

I had to go to the bank and Pathfinder today, so I thought I would avoid traffic and take the bike. When I got outside, I realized how awesome it was out, so decided to go for a ride. So I checked the team calendar, and figured I'd go on Janel's 3:30 ride.
So I did my errands and went to meet at the Lair. She didn't show, so I thought well maybe she was meeting at the rail trail - nope.
So I had to ride solo. I haven't ridden solo since middle of last semester. I decided to try out a new road that I'd seen a long time ago, it was incredible. I started out riding feeling rather agitated about a failed group ride and all the spam that was in the forum, but after 30min of free thinking and riding I calmed down, took in the sights and rode whatever pace I felt like. It was awesome.
So about this awesome new route. Basically it removes the gravel rail-trail from the 4H Camp loop. Take RT towards Fairmont, turn onto 119 when the pavement ends and ride up the hill a ways to Rt 73. Follow 73 to Goshen/I79 and then finish the 4H camp road. 73 is a very rolling road, no shoulder but very straight (NOT FLAT), and relatively low traffic. The hills aren't killer, but sustained.
Bike riding, ahhh so much fun.

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