Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dug Hill repeats aren't THAT bad...

After the girls ride got cancelled and upon showing up at the group ride and seeing several of the team's finest riders, I quickly decided that I would bail on the Cheat Lake loop at the top of Dug Hill. We picked up Shawn W. on his track bike on the rail trail along the way, so he decided to bail with me. The two of us made it up Dug Hill and came back down as everyone else continued along on their journey. Shawn and I headed back to Ruby McQuain park (after seeing several friendly faces along the way) where I saw some Multisporters and decided to stop and chat. I was about to head out to do the Mountaineer course with 3 of the MMS guys, but then Auvid came along. We headed back out to Dug Hill, and I climbed it again with no complaints (if you can believe that one!) :) We even passed an older man along the way, who proceeded to throw up the middle finger to a car who passed Auvid who was on the right side of the road while he was coming down on the left. haha. All in all, it was a good ride & the weather was beautiful. My trip up Falling Run Road was also a lot less stressful with practically no one in town. Usually people are flying at 40mph up the hill while I'm struggling to make it to the top without getting hit from behind. I think that climb is starting to become a little less greuling also. But you how what they say.. "it never gets easier, you just get faster."


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