Friday, March 13, 2009

The Whittle Hills Course

We always get tired of the same old course. So I thought I'd figure out a new one using my new favorite road, 73. Whipped out google maps, noticed Halleck Rd. Ya, I've seen that road mentioned on MBC So I kept going, and saw 4H Camp Rd intersects it. Perfect, take that all the way back to 119 and then bomb down the 50MPH hill. 30Miles...just right for a late after ride.
We started out and Chad had the case of the Martinos and was barely going faster than reverse up the hills. When we got to Goshen he took the normal shorter route back to 4H and let us begin the sweet sweet suffering. The whole ride is...well...never flat. Very low traffic, very scenic. We were having a dandy old time riding out Halleck looking for the left onto 4H. Then we get to US119. Hmmm...Do you know what today is? Today is Friday before spring break. 119 was bustling at 55mph. Luckily mostly heading out of town, so we lined up and headed up 119 a ways to Goshen and took that to 4H. No one died, and the school off Goshen let us in so we can get water and informed us that 4H doesn't intersect Halleck. We told them they were right, we had just checked.
So, the morale is. Don't do what Gef tried to do when he made the Wisp Slaughter Fest Conference Champs course a few years back and plan race courses based on google maps. If you're lucky, you'll end up on jeep trails.

See Look, 4H Camp intersects Halleck

Oh and why did I name it Whittle Hills? Because after about 35 of this little hills, your legs have been chipped away to nothing. Certainly not enough to put up a fast paceline up 119.


Brandon Crawford said...

We need to get lost more often. Some of those descents were amazing. That ride thoroughly kicked my butt.

Ryan said...

You missed out todays butt whipper. 45miles of Amber whining.

Brandon Crawford said...

Amber whining?! imagine that...haha

Bala said...

HAHAHA I laughed so hard when I was reading this.

Oh, and id just like to say you would never see this casually written about a MTB ride "No one died"