Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to School Wisp Trip!

I noticed that no one commented about the last trip we took to Wisp. We must have been too excited about the snow, because no one took pictures. The only image we have from that night is Balaji's "super sweet jump" on Main Street, but I don't have that because someone "borrowed" my memory card and never gave it back.

Anyways.... Jake, Lemma, Ryan, Zerbe, Steve, Jimmy, Bala, Liew, Liew's friend Izzat? and myself hit the slopes last Tuesday night with the student discount. It was quite snowy on the ride there....and a lot more snowy on the way back. Bala's car got stuck in Wisp's parking lot, & I think top speed on 68 on the way home was around 30mph in near white-out conditions. Liew rode the rumble strips the whole way back to Morgantown---and Steve just put his hazzards on and went like hell...

With all that snow and no crowd, conditions at Wisp were suprisingly good. After a few warmup runs, I think most of us did Main Street about 7 or 8 times--while the boys all played around on the variety of jumps, and Lemma and I "went fast." The group reunited when we finally caught up with Liew and Sponge on a blue diamond later in the night (and Liew says he can't ski!).

All in all, I think everyone had a good time. We have to do it again soon--perhaps with a larger group and some pictures!?!

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