Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...continued.

Sooooo, unlike the tough guys who wanted to put a few more miles in, the miserable crowd (Me, Jimmy, Janel, Chad, Brandon, James, and Evan) finished out the short loop and headed home via 100. Despite our frozen toes, we stopped to take some pictures on the way back. The group got split up piece by piece on the way back. Apparently I'd been riding with a slow leak in my front tire the entire day...and it waited til I was like 3 miles from home to give up on me. Not wanting to change my tube in the cold and wet nasty-ness. I stopped 3 times to pump it up, but each time it got worse. Since I'm a wimp, Bala came to the rescue (since he's a wimp and didn't ride). ;)



JimmyJames said...

S we all look we had so much fun. One other question, where is Brandon's bike??

Ryan said...

He looks like he doesn't know either.