Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from WVU Cycling!

Happy 2009 to all! A new year- a stronger legs.
Although holiday break is in progress but some of our cycling folks were still in Morgantown to celebrate new year! The initial plan was actually hosting a party at Steve's house but unfortunately Steve bailed on us without telling us. Therefore, we pull up our backup plan to get things going. The party was hosted at Liew's apartment, it was an awesome party, Liew, Juliana, Balaji, Jake, Lemma, Ryan, and Zerbe were there. We had some good beers as starter, some alcohol shots as warm up and champagne toast as new year celebration! Alcohol shots were pretty sick, we have no shot glass in house, as an alternative, we used measurement cup as replacement. Also everybody had at least one shot except Ryan Post, he avoided drinking due to his current intensive work. Liew was excited too for his very first shot of his life, Zerbe did some crazy stuff like hoola hoop with a tube, Balaji happy that Amber.S called him after missing 4 missed call, Lemma were excited on her sexy road wheels, Jake is happy that he is a driver of the night and took 2 shots, couple beers and some champagne, Ryan were happy of just drinking non-caffeine 2 liters 7UP with pomegranate flavor for the whole night.Happy new year to all again, don't forget team gears are in town, will be on sale on first meeting, all team orders are processing now. See you guys at first meeting!

New Year champagne toast

Shots-Must Watch!

Zerbe on Hoola Hoop


Jacob Brown said...

Let's clarify I had two beers, like a total of half a shot, and a small taste of champagne...all in a span of like three hours, on top of a lot of food, I was good perfectly fine!

Happy New Year!

Bala said...

HAHAHA liew taking shots is just too funny

"Amber S." said...

liew! you can't sip shots! haha.

Ryan said...

Chad has gheto tubeless, we have ghetto hulahoop.

See that pimp jersey I had on? You can buy that exact one, worn by me. I won't even charge extra.