Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Biking at Night

Papa Dave keeps ramblin' on about how cool it is to ride in the snow, and how cool it is to MTB in at night. Well, put those 2 together, and you get one sweet resistance training and handling training, plus if you're lucky the snow will clean the dirt off your bike from last race season.

We hit up White Park for about an hour last week after the meeting, and again tonight for around 2.5 hours. Including my commute, which sucked it was over 3 hours. I got enough salt in my mouth on the way to and fro; my muscles should have plenty of electrolytes.

Conditions were awesome for almost 2hours, then the snow turned to rain/sleet. We stayed warm, plowing through the snow as the layer of ice formed on top of the snow and crunched beneath us. The snow reflected enough of the surrounding street lights that head lamps weren't even necessary.

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