Monday, January 19, 2009

Clean bikes are happy bikes!

Well, after yesterdays ride I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone who went on the ride had a filthy bike to show for it. I didn't realize how bad mine was until I got home and really started looking at things closer. My rear derailleur pulleys and cage was so full of coal cinders/sand/salt from the roads that the pulleys would barely turn.

I spent about an hour cleaning my bike, and I'm happy with the results. Someone had mentioned to me earlier in the year about using cooking spray or rain-x on your frame in the winter so road crap doesn't stick as bad... and that is definitely true. It took almost no effort to get all the stuff off the frame that used to take a lot of work and some scrubbing/wiping. After 1 go over with my awesome park tool cleaning brushes the frame was good to go. Threw on another layer of cooking spray and that's taken care of.

The drivetrain took a lot more work since surface rust had already started forming on the chain. The park tool chain scrubber made things a lot easier and cleaned up the chain and cassette very well. Got everything nice and lubed up and that task was done too. Definitely an hour or so well spent to keep things in shape and working properly.

I'll definitely be doing a complete tear down and clean at the end of winter when it looks like the road salting is done for the year. Everyone knows chicks dig super clean bikes.



Ryan said...

Looks like you cleaned the rear tire right off the bike!

brandonc204 said...

I'm loving the close ups of the road grime.

Chad Lowers said...

The rear tire exploded after about 5 minutes of sitting inside. I don't think it could handle the temperature difference.


Jacob Brown said...

I had one blow out randomly once when I was just sitting around in my room...not sure what that was all about.