Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday sunday sunday.......

Hello readers,
The team have an awesome Sunday road ride today. It was the first group ride of the year and it's also the biggest turn out of the year (so far). We thought it's gonna be a bailfest 2009 because it's so shitty outdside, but we are wrong. We have a total of 10 cyclists showed up, Liew, Steve, Jimmy, Jake, Chad, James, Evans, Brandon, Amber.s, and Janel. We started out with a nice pancake breakfast, prepared and served by Steve Nutt. Thank you Steve.

Around noon, everybody get ready to bundle up for the first winter ride of the year, we rolled out with a nice day of 33F with light snow. The caravan are plan to head out towards star city bridge, RT100, Ft.Martin, and Home/Alps de Huez. After we hit first climb at Ft Martin not long, James the Bianchi guy has a front wheel flat, Steve stopped and help him. Thanks again Steve, you such a nice guy. Then, business resume as usual. After we hit Taylortown, there is a split between home and Alps de Huez, some of our teammates are getting cold after an hour in, they decided to take the majority vote of going home. So, they gone home, not sure what's their situation after the split. However, some of us still feel like want to put some mileage in, therefore Liew, Steve, and Jake took the right turn towards Alps de Huez. The road along Alps de Huez was nice, but wet. Along the road, we chat and deciding where to go after Alps de Huez, we made a decision to mile climb then home. Sounds like a great idea for a Sunday ride. So, we hit Mt. Morris then to Big Shanon rd, the road is still clear but wet again. Not far after few miles in on Big Shanon. A big snow storm were hitting on the road and it was crazy(a video was taken during the scene). We decided to turn around, on the way out, the road are totally white out which it's not like that when we are on the way in. It just ridiculous, insane, and crazy. But anyway, we rolled out slowly towards Morgantown. Everybody got cold, hungry and exhausted. But we still pedal! Finally, it was a 3 hrs ride with 40 miles in and averaging 13mph. It was an awesome ride, looks like a "Gef's ride". And here is the spilted team's ride info:

FYI: Video is uploaded on Liew's facebook account or YouTube:

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JimmyJames said...

one of the group shots should be on the team main page. Hard core WVU cycling.