Friday, January 23, 2009

Yeah...It's REALLY not cold out.

Today was... in one word... perfect. Temp stayed around 55 degrees with slight cloud cover but sunny most of the time. Brock and I set out from the 'lair to put in about two hours of good riding. The plan was Railtrail to Dug Hill to Cheat Lake to Pt Marion to Bakers, with playtime on the unfinished highway.

Well, rail trail didn't work out since it's still a slush covered mess, so we sat off through South Park and descended the backside of Marilla park to Dug Hill. Everything was uneventful until we got to the abandoned interstate. Once we headed up the path to the unfinished interstate from Fairchance Rd I think Brock was convinced I was crazy, but once we got onto it all was well. It's REALLY slushy right now, but still such an awesome road to ride. I think everyone should try to ride it before they open it, because you'll never be able to ride something like that again.

Soo we headed straight on that for about 5 miles until we got to the Pt. Marion exit and crossed the median onto the oncoming exit ramp. The plan was originally to drop down to the dam but the road leading down exaggeration... an inch of salt and cinders covering it, so scratch that. We headed on 43 to 119 to Pt. Marion which was an awesome ride, and 119 wasn't nearly as heavily trafficked as I thought it would be. We took a breif break at the Pt. Marion Subway to fill bottles and eat a Cliff bar then headed up to Stewardstown (sp?). From there it was the usual Stewardstown to Bakers and back past the hospital.

Awesome ride, almost 40 miles and 4,500ft of climbing. We railed pretty hard for most of it, especially on 43 and 119. Hope everyone enjoyed the awesome weather today and I wish we could have ridden at a better time for those who had class. Once the days get longer things will definitely be easier.



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brandonc204 said...

man, i can't wait to ride on the new interstate. That looks badass.